What is hypnobirthing?

Why hypnobirthing?

Is it right for me?

Hearing the word hypnobirthing can make people think a funny way. They mostly get images of a hypnotist at a stage show making people cluck like chickens this leads them to wonder how on earth an antenatal class with the word hypno in it might be of any benefit to them when preparing for their birth. In fact, I was exactly the same before good friends recommended I look into it.

The positive birth program by Hypnobirthing Australia ™️ is a very immersive 12-hour course. It is an informative birthing/antenatal course, to allow parent/s to be to go into their births feeling informed with up-to-date information and tools which will significantly improve their chances of having an amazing empowered birth.

This course was designed knowing every mother, baby and birth is unique and it caters for all the avenues this journey may take them on.

Hypnosis, which is actually self-hypnosis and is one of the many tools the program will provide to the parent/s to be. It's designed to remove the fear people have around birth, which is mostly “learnt fear” from stories, movies, media or, like in my case with my 1st birth....poor advice and support from my care providers.

The hypnosis part is very similar to guided meditation and helps rewire our subconscious to understand birth is a totally natural process, one that women have been doing since day one. The self Hypnosis also helps the birthing mother enter deep states of relaxation. Relaxation is again not a “normal” word you hear when talking about birth these days.

Birth should be all about the mother and what she wants and how she feels, this drastically improves birth outcomes. This course is a reminder our bodies are not broken and they know how to birth our babies. To help the mother on their journey she also needs the best support around her, this program is also heavily geared towards the birth partner too. Most birthing partners just want to help, however, most go into birth very blindly and they are then like a deer in headlights when the time comes. This program helps them learn what is physically, emotionally and chemically happening to their partner. It also gives them tools on how they can actually help the mother during her birth. They too can walk away from the experience just as elated and empowered as the mother, knowing they truly helped her, instead of being just a bystander.

I like to think of how much we spend on all the “things” in life, such as cars, phones, clothing, nights out and even coffee... I then compare this to how much we spend on preparing for one of the most life changing events in your life. (And I’m not talking about buying the best pram on the market). This positive birth program needs to be seen as an investment not just in money but in your time. Investing your time and money into the preparation for birth and post partum its going to majorly improve how you feel on your birthing day, the day you welcome this new tinny human you just spent nearly a year growing. It's going to set you and your families future up is such a positive light and help you hit the ground running.